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Chris Chu

Chris is well versed in the field of real estate, and has a degree from Pace University in finance though he started his university life at Buffalo College. Chris currently resides in Sunnyside, in a cooperative garden apartment setting, and has served as a member of the co-op board there for many years. He also serves as a Director with a local credit union. Chris attended the prestigious Hunter School, not only for their esteemed high school program, but for the entire term from kindergarten thru high school. In the little free time Chris has, he enjoys dabbling in the stock market and stock car racing. All of us at Cooper Real Estate are very proud of Chris’ military service. He enlisted and fought in the Iranian war to protect our interests as well as those of countries in the Middle East, especially Kuwait (Desert Storm). As an enlistee, he was trained and served part of his time as a Medic (EMT) Emergency Medical Technician. He followed up his stint in Iran by serving in the Reserves for over 7 years. Way to GO Chris!! Chris has worked with Cooper Real Estate for over 15 years and recently acquired his Associate Broker’s License. Chris brings a little something extra to each transaction with his extensive educational background in finance. He is very active in Woodside and Sunnyside, where he resides, as well as the surrounding communities.