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As Registered Mortgage Brokers we can offer you a free consultation to discuss with you a mortgage program tailored to your needs. This is a helpful tool whether you are contemplating a purchase or refinance. There are many important considerations when considering and comparing various lenders and mortgage products such as the type of loan as it relates to points, interest rates, terms, fixed vs. variable loans and the ancillary costs always associated with mortgage origination.

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Other programs that have gained popularity over the years are equity loans either as second mortgages or lines of credit. Lines of credit offer the distinct advantage of monies being available to you as you require to draw these available funds. Banks often offer these loans at no cost of origination, but on the other hand require these loans to remain open on the property for an extended period of time. Closing these loans prematurely can often invoke certain costs and penalties which must be considered and weighed at the initiation of the loan.

Reverse mortgages have gained popularity for seniors and retirees as a way of receiving a monthly payment rather than making a monthly payment.

Markets such as the current one where mortgage money is readily available in a variety of programs makes your choice of mortgage broker/counselor a critical one. A knowledgeable consumer is our best customer and our expertise in the areas of real estate, the law, title insurance and mortgages is all the more reason to call us for a no cost/no obligation consultation.