Title Services

    In order to protect your interests, if you are purchasing either a house, a co-op, a or condo, a proper review of title and the history of ownership must be performed. In the case of a house or condominium this is performed by a title search after which title insurance should be issued. This protects your rights of ownership, known as fee simple ownership. In the case of a cooperative apartment, a co-op search is performed to make sure that your ownership is free of any liens or challenges to ownership. Here title insurance is also available but is not always necessary. It will depend upon the specific circumstances of your purchase. Our services are made available to individuals, attorneys and lenders. In addition to issuing policies of coverage and conducting title searches we are also available to perform searches for violations of record issued by the various city agencies. We can also obtain the necessary documents that you might require from time to time such as recorded deeds or certificates of occupancy.

    These services are made available to you through several New York admitted companies that have had a long standing tradition of insuring homes in the industry such as Fidelity National Title Insurance Company & Ticor Title Insurance Company . A policy is issued to yourself as the individual owner in a fee simple setting, as well as the lender if there is financing involved in the sale or refinance of your house or condominium. More information can be obtained about the services these companies offer at their respective web sites. We insure the American dream!

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