Property Management

    Our company has its original foundations in this area and has been actively managing property for the past 60 years. It is on this solid foundation that we have expanded into the other areas of brokerage, law, title work, mortgages, insurance and taxes. Property management has continued to evolve in the metropolitan area largely due to the ever increasing burdens placed on owners of both unregulated and rent regulated housing. From the traditional areas of rent stabilization and rent control, to new areas of concern like the multitude of environmental issues (lead and mold for example), management has become a quagmire of areas to be dealt with. Our vast experience in all of these areas is made available to you in multitude of ways.

    There is, of course, full service management where we will handle all aspects of your building from the day to day management to the areas of tax and insurance reduction services. If your intent is for us to simply handle a specific area of management – such as solely the collection of rent, the management of repairs, the rental of units, or the preparation of leases to name a few – we can customize our services to suit your needs. We have also taken on interim management for many of our property owners. This type of short term service may be of interest to you when you want to be away on vacation or out of town for an extended period, or in the unfortunate event that you are incapacitated for a time from the ability to manage your property yourself. Whatever your needs are, we are prepared to step in for you in a proprietary way to make sure that your property continues to be both well maintained and fully rented, while keeping the expense associated with good sound property management at a minimum.

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